Value Liquid

Value Liquid is an automated market-maker of Value DeFi designed to help facilitate trading cryptocurrencies through liquidity pools instead of traditional order books. It is a smart contract that assists in solving the issue of liquidity fragmentation in the DeFi space. Furthermore, the integration of value liquid makes yield farming more efficient, secure, and less gas-intensive. Value Liquid is a one-stop platform built on Ethereum (ETH) that bridges the interaction between cryptocurrency projects, investors, pools, and traders to enjoy a comprehensive range of services, including swap, earn, governance, market analytics, staking and yield farming, and trading, etc.

Decentralized Trading

Value Liquid is a one-stop platform that was launched on September 20, 2020, designed to help YFV holders enjoy a non-custodial crypto wallet and a comprehensive range of services, including swap, earn, governance, market analytics, staking and yield farming, and trading, etc.




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Trading Volume


Maximum Supply

Our Ecosystem

The value liquid ecosystem is centered around its automated market maker (AMM) platform, which facilitates decentralized trading between developers, traders, and liquidity providers to simultaneously participate in the financial marketplace. Key components of the ecosystem include governance, liquidity, dApps, etc.


Best network of DeFi Apps

  • swap


    Seamlessly trade crypto instantly across multiple chains using liquidity pools to facilitate these trades without needing a traditional order book.

  • pool


    Gain unlimited access to funds locked in a financial marketplace. Fund liquidity pools earn trading fees on the smart contract.

  • stake


    Become an exclusive member by staking your VALUE tokens to gain access to the governance vaults and earn interest, additional tokens, and voting rights on proposals to influence the platform's development and policies.

  • vault


    Stake your tokens in the Value vaults to leverage on the yield aggregators to get high returns on investment on your assets or tokens.

  • chart


    Gain access to visual tools like charts to help you make informed decisions by analyzing trends and price movements using real-time data and historical stats of various tokens and assets.

  • faas


    Worry less about yield farming complexity. You can bootstrap your projects on Value Liquid using the FaaS smart contract, and liquidity providers for these projects automatically receive the farming token after providing their liquidity at the Farming Pool, thus making farming more easy, efficient and safe & secure.


We have several strategic partnerships in the DeFi space to improve the platform's functionality and expand its reach. Below are some notable partners:

Value Liquid Figures

According to CoinMarketCap, VALUE tokens are currently valued at $0.02592 with a Market Cap value of $161,000 and a trading volume of $4000—total value locked (TVL) of $460,000 and a maximum supply of estimated 6.6 million dollars.

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Join the Value Liquid community today, which has over 2 million community members, over 15 multilingual communities, and 35 community ambassadors, to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance. Start now and shape the future with Value Liquid!

Best DEX

Sign-up is not required

Valid Liquid is a restrictionless platform for users to trade crypto directly from liquidity pools without having to sign up or go through lengthy registration processes, enabling easy usage and privacy.


1000 cryptocurrencies

Value Liquid users gain access to a vast array of cryptocurrencies to trade, stake, and add to their liquidity pools.


Support team

We prioritize our users' interest and satisfaction, so we have put in place an avant-garde team that is readily available to assist users with any difficulties encountered on the platform so they can have a smooth and efficient user experience.



We are committed to building secure products for our users, so we have employed defense-in-depth security measures on the network and encryption to protect user assets and data from any cyber-attacks.


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Dive into the world of decentralized trading today! Effortlessly swap your cryptocurrencies on Value Liquid, the one-stop shop for seamless, fast, and secure transactions. Experience the future of trading now!

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Super easy to navigate, with an amazing user interface. Frankly speaking, it is my most preferred trading app and wallet.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Simplicity at its peak. They are very trustworthy, but I think they should enable a security scanner to tighten security.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Gas fees can be quite cumbersome. Aside from that, it is fast, secure, efficient, and simple to use.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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News about crypto

Value Liquid projected to surpass the $17.38 threshold by 2050.


Technical analyses

Value Liquid Introduces New Yield Farming Opportunities.

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Lastest News on AI, Cryoto and Blockchain

Value Liquid Enhances Security Measures Following Industry Best Practices


Informational website

Value Liquid Partners with Ren Protocol to Enhance DeFi Solutions


How To Get Value Liquid?

There are two ways to acquire Value tokens(VALUE). You can purchase the tokens on decentralized or centralized exchanges where the tokens are listed. You can also acquire VALUE through yield farming using the Value DeFi protocol.

How To Download the Value Liquid App?

Visit the official Value Liquid website, click the download app link, and you'll be redirected to a download page to install the app. It is unavailable on the Play Store or Apple Store, so the official website is the best place to download it.

How Does Value Liquid Work?

Value Liquid operates as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Value DeFi protocol, allowing users to trade digital assets directly from liquidity pools funded by users who provide their tokens in exchange for a share of the trading fees generated by the platform. This system ensures continuous liquidity and decentralized trading.

How To Get Value Liquid Activation Code?

In case there's a need for an activation code for certain features or access, it is provided upon registration or during a promotional campaign. The activation code will be sent directly to the email address used to sign up.